Alaa El Fadel
Writer, Artist, Gamer
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Alaa El Fadel is a fantasy writer with interests in art, gaming, photography, screenplays and theatre.

Upon completing her masters in 2013, Alaa holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education from Kingston University, London. During her undergrad years, Alaa participated in several theatre productions as a Stage Manager and an Assistant Director where she also wrote for a stage-play.

With parents who loved to travel, Alaa visited or lived in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East where she developed her appreciation for culture and exploration. Gifted with a Sony Alpha and a Wacom tablet, Alaa pursued the arts and is self-taught.

Alaa is a freelance writer in Singapore and is currently writing a fantasy novel and a science fiction novella.